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Welcome to our Blog. We have more than a business interest in our products. We have an interest stemming from our desire to live better and healthier lives, to help those we care about and everyone around us live better lives and to enjoy a good, healthy life in the company of those who are dear to us.

We hope you will find the articles on our blog of interest. Email us an article if you wish to contribute.

May 19 2014: What is collagen?


Collagen is the most abundant protein in mammals, accounting for around 30% of the protein content of the human body. It is often considered to be the "glue that holds the body together".


Collagen is found in fibrous tissues such as skin, ligaments and tendons, as well as in the bones, blood vessels, the cornea of the eye, and in the gut.

Collagen is vital for strengthening blood vessels and giving skin its elasticity and strength. The degradation of collagen causes wrinkles and other skin issues. As a result, collagen is one of the most popular supplements among the elderly - because of it's skin healing properties.


Feb 4 2014: Vitpharmacy -  You like your soda?

GreenColaLast Sunday I drove to the mini mart to pick up my Sunday morning newspapers. By the cashier's counter,  I noticed a small promo banner for a soda drink called GreenCola, which was advertised as having: No preservatives, no sugar, no aspartame sweetener, no phosphoric acid etc etc. Sounds too good to be true I thought. Picked up one and tried it. I have not had a soda/cola drink for at least 4 years but if I was still into cola drinks, I would have switched brand loyalty right there and then! ( NO, I am not affiliated with the company, the distributors or anyone else involved with this brand. Neither am I going back to drinking sodas).

Since I support healthy eating, healthy living (and -also remember- healthy supplements :)  why am I talking here about a soda of all good things?

Well, because my approach may be that one should try and adopt the most healthy eating habits one can: reduce carbs and red meat for example; eat greens and vegetables daily, especially raw, as well as fruit; avoid fast foods and sugary snacks of any kind; and drink no sodas. But it is one thing suggesting an improvement in your nutrition and it is another preaching unforgiving nutritional talibanism; I used to be addicted to having 5-6 cans of diet cola a day, not that very long ago. And even now that I have adopted more healthy eating habits, there comes a time when I will go for that not so healty meal, especially if I am out with friends (some of who, in their eating habits, have not evolved beyond the very early carnivores..:). So if there are times when you need to deviate from the normal, healthy routine (such as when you do "need" your soda) at least why not try something that may be just a little bit healthier than your other alternatives? If this may also be the case with you, have look at the GreenCola or any other similar sodas from any manufacturer.

So my final suggestion is: Avoid it if you can. Eat or drink it if you must. But never, ever, stop trying at least to choose the more healthy from all of the alteratives available to you.

(and looking at the title you all thought I was going to get on my high horse... :)


Jan 5 2014: Consumer Lab - Vitamin E Helps Alzheimer's Patients -- A new study suggests that high-dose vitamin E can help people with Alzheimer's disease retain their ability to perform activities of daily living (such as dressing) for several months longer than those given placebo, reducing caregiver time. A similar dose of vitamin E has been shown in other studies to slow the progression of the disease in some people and to reduce the rate of conversion to Alzheimer's among people with mild cognitive impairment. (for more details on this and other details on nutritional products visit

Dec 18 2013: Nutraingredients - Bonkers: The medical world's nutrition blinkers (and the damage done) -- If the end goal of both the medical and nutritional fraternities is healthier, happier populations, it is difficult not to pour scorn on the latest work from the American College of Physicians (ACP) for slapping another clumsy brick into a dodgy, medically-biased wall of food supplement bashing. Yawn. ( full article on )

Dec 15 2013: Vitpharmacy- We owe it to ourselves -  Do you excercise as much as you should? Provide yourself with the mental and physical nutrition you require? Do you read any books on the subject of well being - whether of a practical or of a more philosophical approach? To sum it up, are you doing everything that you can do so as to live a better and longer life?

Like most people you probably do not. And just like most people, it is probably because you tend to overlook some of the important things in life -one being your health- and sometimes focus instead on things that are much less important.

While big changes are usually more difficult to accept and adapt to, smaller changes are within everyone's ability to handle, no matter what.

Starting with a small manageable change within your daily routine, you can effectively cause a significant positive impact to your overall well being.

You could choose to start by reducing your daily consumption of sugar for example; try one sugar instead of two in your coffee. Or try drinking one less soda every day. 

How about your eating? Change does not mean that you have to force yourself to go vegetarian. But you can definitely accustom yourself to eat only greens two days per week. And if you set a purpose of enjoying your food choice on those two days, and spend some time looking into what you can prepare and put some passion into it, you can very well find yourself in the same position many others have -myself included: learning to enjoy vegetarian meals so much that the thought of what awaits you at the table becomes exciting! And vegetarian meals become your ordinary, not the extraordinary choice. Just look at how inviting the ones below look (and I personally assure you, they are a feast and not simply for the eyes!)Vegetarian dishes

How about other small changes, such as smoking fewer cigarettes, or walking the last mile to the office, or taking a walk every other day. Doable? 

Any -or all- of these, though perhaps not ideal when compared to what you should - and possibly you could - be doing, each one by itself is a great first step in the right direction and one step closer towards living a better and longer life.

"Life leaps like a geyser for those willing to drill through the rock of inertia" said Alexis Carell.

And the good, long, healty life will leap like a geyser for those willing to drill through the rock of inertia and indifference as to their well being. You owe to your children, to your family, you owe it to anyone who cares about you. Ultimately, you simply owe this to yourself. 

Oct 25 2013: Nutraingredients - UK Chief Medical Officer backs free food supplements for kids-  The UK’s Chief Medical Officer says a scheme that offers free vitamins A, C and D to under-5s in low-income familes, should be extended all children to (full article on )


Feb 4 2014: Vitpharmacy -