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Expettoral Bambini 100ml

€ 13.79

Expettoral Bambini 100ml

Food supplement for kids that is useful mainly during the winter season. Greentelia, has a soothing action while ivy allow the mucus to flow better. Expettoral for kids is enriched with eucalyptus honey and N-acetylcysteine. Perfect for dry and productive cough. With great sour cherry flavor!

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Use: Dosage should be 2 tea spoons between meals, in its main form or diluted in water, tea or juice.


Cough is a defense mechanism where the breathing passages (Bronchi, pharynx, larynx, trachea) get activated when they are blocked by phlegm or foreign bodies (smoke, dust, bad food ingestion).

On its own, cough is not a disease, but it should never be overlooked, as it may be an indication of more serious problems. However, in most cases, this is due to respiratory tract irritation that can be cured using medicinal plants with softening, expectorant and balsamic properties.