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Nocist Intensive 7sachets

€ 19.34

Nocist Intensive 7sachets

Nocist  Intensive is a food supplement in sachets to dissolve in water, with Cranberry (containing 45 mg of PACs titrated with the  BL-DMAC method) and Birch that helps the correct functioning of the urinary tract and the draining of body fluids. It also contains D-Mannose and N-Acetylcysteine.

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Instructions for use:

dissolve the content of one packet in a large glass of water and drink preferably in the evening before bedtime.

Functional ingredients:

D-Mannose (500 mg), N-acetylcysteine (250 mg), Cranberry fruit d.e. titrated in PACs with the BL-DMAC method (containing 45 mg of PACs), Birch leaves d.e. (80 mg).


Extra strengh formula



With Steviol Glycosides