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Digersol 20s

€ 9.64

Digersol 20s

Digersol Stop-Acid is a food supplement in chewable tablets form, made with minerals and medicinal herbs. It contains Emblic, which helps to control gastric acidity; Verbena to promote regular gastrointestinal motility and Fennel, Basil, Sweet Orange and Bay Laurel that contribute to proper digestive operation and favour the elimination of gas.

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Instructions for use:

1 tablet to dissolve in the mouth after meals or as required.

Functional ingredients:

Calcium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, lemon verbena leaves d.e. 4:1, Fennel fruits d.e. 4:1, Bay Laurel leaves m.p., Basil leaves d.e. 4:1, Sweet Orange pericarp d.e. 4:1.