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Fast Asleep

€ 11.56

KAR K365

Fast Asleep

Deeply Relaxed Nights. One of the Friends for Life range of Bach Flower Combinations, specially formulated by Ainsworths, to simply assist with the challenges of modern life.

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Alcohol-free, the gentle water-based ‘no taste’ formula speeds the effects of the remedies and makes it ready to use.


Simply sprayed on the tongue, it is safe for frequent use and with children and animals.

Use when wishing to sleep.

Ingredients: Aqua, glycerol, grapefruit seed extract, organic flower essences Agrimony, Cherry Plum, Elm, Impatiens, Vervain, White Chestnut.


Fast Asleep Flower Essences and their qualities:

  • Agrimony: Deep relaxation with inner courage, honesty and openness; release from hidden, inner torment and pressure; brings inner peace.
  • Cherry Plum: Calmness, great self-control, peace of mind and strength of purpose.
  • Elm: Relief from anxiety bestowing calm and relaxation when overwhelmed by workload; restores perspective and efficiency.
  • Impatiens: Patience, calm, relaxation to slow and control a hectic, hasty mind and body with a rushed personality; relief from anger and irritability.
  • Vervain: Calm; relaxation; flexibility; acceptance; clarity; patience
  • White Chestnut: Relief from repetitive, spiralling thoughts; aids relaxation, eases tension, soothes inner agitation