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KAR K633


A food supplement with two phase functions: one part contains metals, minerals and green tea, while the other 12 vitamins and nutrients.

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With the passing of the years nutritional needs, stamina and habits go through a number of changes for several reasons. For a better preventive care of people at the later years of their youth, the regular intake of special food supplements is highly recommended.

Lanes Pro Actif MULTIES 50+  are specifically design to cover the needs of late youth-early middle age+ and are available in the innovative two- phase tabs. The 2 phases help in the gradual disengagement of the components, so that they are absorbed better by the organism.

The upper part of the tablet contains 12 vitamins and the nutritive ingredients lutein, lycopene and Coenzyme Q10, while the other part contains minerals, trace elements, inulin and grape extract. It does not contain iodine and is recommended for use in individuals with a thyroid problems.

Multies 50+ is available in 30 tabs packing