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The multivitamin Xtra Energy is an innovative combination of vitamins and minerals fortifiedwith Panax Ginseng & Coenzyme Q10 that provides energy and strenght to the body.

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Multivitamins Xtra EnergyEffervescent, Vitamins and Minerals, Energy and stimulating, MultivitaminsFor energy boost and mental clarityDescription

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For increased energy and reduce fatigueMultivitamins with CoQ10 and Ginseng in effervescent tablets of pleasant strawberry flavor

€ 9.35

Ideal for a strong immune system and for treating common cold Extracts from Echinacea & elderberry in effervescent tablets with a pleasant lemon flavor IMMUNEED is a complex of echinacea and elderberry enriched with vitamins C, D3 and zinc that strengthens and stimulates the immune system.

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