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Also known as White Thyme, this essential oil has fresh, herbal top notes and sweet, spicy undertones. Its aroma and action are slightly milder than Sweet (Red) Thyme. It is often used in convalescence, to prevent infection and to treat respiratory problems.

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Sweet Thyme has a clean, herbaceous, green aroma and is very useful during bouts of illness. It is a great oil for lethargy, digestive problems and respiratory conditions.

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Tea Tree is highly antiseptic, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal, thus an important oil for use in infections, problem skin, colds and flu and boosting the immune system. It is often used in hand washes and skin care.

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Spearmint has similar properties to Peppermint, however it only has a trace amount of menthol, so it is kinder on the skin. This makes it an excellent oil to use on the skin for nausea, and digestive problems. It can also relieve indigestion. It is an uplifting oil and great to brighten your mood. Used as an inhalation it can ease sinus problems.

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Sandalwood is an exotic and sensual aroma that has a balancing and grounding effect on the emotions. A good anti-inflammatory, useful for soothing aching muscles and headaches. It is also used in skincare and for meditation and spiritual practice, as it has the ability to calm and still the mind.

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Sage is a fresh, warm, spicy aroma which calms the mind and soothes tiredness. It is also good for muscular aches and pains and digestive problems.  

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Rose Absolute 5% has a rich, sweet and floral aroma, wonderful to use in facial skin care, especially suitable for Dry/Mature skin.

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Pine (Scotch) is a fresh, clearing, slightly woody oil. It is a great oil to use for respiratory problems, muscular aches and pains and winter colds.

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Typically known for its distinctive flavour in Mediterranean cooking, Oregano has many therapeutic properties but is very strong and must be used in moderation.

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Neroli has a subtle, sweet-floral aroma to balance and relax. The Neroli in this product is 100% pure and natural.

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Myrtle is a pleasant, clear and fresh aroma resembling Eucalyptus but more delicate and less penetrating. With antiseptic and bactericidal properties that have been used for respiratory and urinary infections since the ancient Greeks. It is also known as a traditional herb of protection.

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Myrrh is distilled from a resin which has been used since antiquity. It has a sweet, smoky, slightly musky aroma. This oil is soothing, clarifying and grounding. It is a great oil to ease a worried mind and is also used in India as a remedy for infections of the gums and teeth.

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