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Stuffy nose, sore throat, headache, weakness, cold and flu has it all. But we have it all for cold and flu ourselves :)

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€ 8.90

Supplement diet with royal jelly, propolis, plant extracts, vitamin C & zinc.Yours orange-lemon flavor.Suitable for homeopathy.

€ 15.50

The Royal Tonic is a specialized nutritional supplement that combines royal jelly and propolis known to stimulate and protect the company with other nutrients.

€ 16.50

As part of our newly launched ‘Professional’ ThermoDR range the Joint HeatWrap offers the benefits of a joint specific deluxe Heatpack with an elasticated Velcro strap fastener enabling the Heatpack to remain in place around all the bodies joints.

€ 16.50

As part of our newly launched ‘Professional’ ThermoDR range the Neck HeatWrap offers the benefits of the deluxe Heatpack in addition to Velcro fasteners at either end enabling to keep the Heatpack in place around the neck.

€ 9.35

Ideal for a strong immune system and for treating common cold Extracts from Echinacea & elderberry in effervescent tablets with a pleasant lemon flavor IMMUNEED is a complex of echinacea and elderberry enriched with vitamins C, D3 and zinc that strengthens and stimulates the immune system.

€ 7.99

Effervescent vitamin C tablets in ester form for faster absorption and staying in the bloodstream for 24 hours. Vitamin C is easily damaged while the quantities we get from food are usually inadequate, and so does not remain in our body sufficient amount of vitamin C.

€ 14.85

Promotes physiological defences against aggressive external conditions. Difesal is a food supplement prepared with Propolis E.P.I.D.® and extracts of medicinal herbs such as Uncaria tomentosa, Echinacea, fermented Papaya, components which promote the physiological defences against aggressive external conditions.

€ 12.24

Specchiasol’s Epid Flu Junior syrup is prepared with Propolis, Echinacea extract normalised in echinacoside, Acerola juice titrated in vitamin C and Eucalyptus Honey. Echinacea helps promote the functioning of the upper respiratory tract and the body’s natural defences, whilst vitamin C protects the cells from oxidative stress, contributes to a healthy...

€ 11.16

E.P.I.D.® Oral Spray  Fresh Lime Taste contains Agrimony, which is particularly suitable for the well-being and relief of the throat, and propolis. The practical nebulizer allows targeted and effective application of the product.

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