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Σε ισορροπία με τη φύση

Εδώ και 40 χρόνια η Specchiasol είναι πρωτοπόρος εταιρία σε έναν νέο τρόπο ζωής που λέγεται “φυτοθεραπεία”.

Ιδρύθηκε το 1973 στη Βερόνα της Ιταλίας και απο τότε παράγει πάνω απο 750 προϊόντα μεταξύ αυτών, φαρμακευτικά βότανα, αιθέρια έλαια, ιχνοστοιχεία, βιταμίνες, συμπληρώματα διατροφής και καλλυντικά.

Όλες οι πρώτες ύλες που χρησιμοποιούνται στην παρασκευή των προϊόντων προέρχονται από ιδιόκτητα βιολογικά αγροκτήματα του ομίλου της Specchiasol.

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€ 13.99

To promote naturally calm and sleep.Valeriana is a food supplement with dry extract of Valeriana roots, a medicinal herb that is well known for its positive effects in promoting calm and natural sleep.

€ 9.49

Digersol Stop-Acid is a food supplement in chewable tablets form, made with minerals and medicinal herbs. It contains Emblic, which helps to control gastric acidity; Verbena to promote regular gastrointestinal motility and Fennel, Basil, Sweet Orange and Bay Laurel that contribute to proper digestive operation and favour the elimination of gas.

€ 19.34

Nocist  Intensive is a food supplement in sachets to dissolve in water, with Cranberry (containing 45 mg of PACs titrated with the  BL-DMAC method) and Birch that helps the correct functioning of the urinary tract and the draining of body fluids. It also contains D-Mannose and N-Acetylcysteine.

€ 16.59

Cotipsilium Kinetic is a food supplement with psyllium fibre and tamarind useful for intestinal transit regularity. In addition, psyllium has an emollient and calming effect on the digestive system and promotes a prebiotic effect. 

€ 15.79

Serenotte oral spray is a food supplement with organic extract of Passionflower and Melatonin, useful to promote  relax. Passionflower helps to create a state of relaxation and to reduce stress; Melatonin alleviates the effects of jet lag and helps reduce the time required to fall asleep.

€ 14.85

Promotes physiological defences against aggressive external conditions. Difesal is a food supplement prepared with Propolis E.P.I.D.® and extracts of medicinal herbs such as Uncaria tomentosa, Echinacea, fermented Papaya, components which promote the physiological defences against aggressive external conditions.

€ 12.24

Specchiasol’s Epid Flu Junior syrup is prepared with Propolis, Echinacea extract normalised in echinacoside, Acerola juice titrated in vitamin C and Eucalyptus Honey. Echinacea helps promote the functioning of the upper respiratory tract and the body’s natural defences, whilst vitamin C protects the cells from oxidative stress, contributes to a healthy...

€ 11.16

E.P.I.D.® Oral Spray  Fresh Lime Taste contains Agrimony, which is particularly suitable for the well-being and relief of the throat, and propolis. The practical nebulizer allows targeted and effective application of the product.

€ 10.80

Nasal Spray is a product that relieves nasal congestion. It contains Propolis E.P.I.D.® Extract of Water Dispersible Dewaxed Propolis which, thanks to a selective extraction method, allows you to take advantage of the benefits of Propolis free of inert substances.

€ 11.81

Specchiasol’s Epid hydroalcoholic extract only contains a patented Propolis E.P.I.D.® extract. Taking 90 drops of hydroalcoholic extract over a day provides an intake of 87 mg of polyphenols, which are the bioactive molecules of propolis.

€ 16.49

Natural prevention against cold. Promotes the normal functioning of the immune system. Blood orange flavor. Food supplement, in convenient sachets to be dissolved in water, with:

€ 11.81

E.P.I.D.® Junior oral spray from Specchiasol is made with Agrimony extract, useful for throat’s well-being, Acerola juice and Lemon essential oil. The practical nebulizer allows targeted and effective application of the product.

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