Terms and conditions

1. Prices

Prices are with regards to products as these are advertised on the web site pages of the electronic shop vitpharmacy.com. Prices are for  duty paid within the EU products and these prices also inlcude value added tax (VAT) at the rates specified by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Cyprus. Prices do not include possible additional taxes and duties that may be levied in countries outside the EU and which, in case such duties or taxes exist, would be at the cost of the buyer.

2. Shipping of your order

Orders are usually despatched within two working days from receipt of your order. Shipment within Cyprus is by local courier and for Europe and other countries by post or by EMS Courier, according to your selected method of shipping.  If you prefer shipping by Fed-Ex courier, this can be arranged at extra cost, please contact us for such an arrangement. For your orders that are despatched via EMS Courier or FedEx courier, a tracking number and link will be send to you for the tracking of your shipment.

Shipping cost includes all packing costs, transport cost however is determined by the total weight of your shipment and by the shipping method you choose. We suggest that you include as many products as possible in the same order for a lower shipping cost, as separate orders are not usually grouped for shipment. Goods are shipped at the buyer's risk, but we do place particular care at the proper packing of goods for shipment.  Shipping box sizes are relative to the volume of the goods for shipment. Your orders are very well packed.

3. Seller's/Buyer's Liability

The information provided by Vitpharmacy and its staff in general through the website pages, facebook, emails or other means is intended as informative and under no circumstances should it be considered as a substitute for advice from a health care professional. Purchasing of the advertised products is with the personal responsibility of the Buyer as regards the fitness of the purpose for which the products are purchased and consumed. We recommend that you always consult your personal physician or other medical practitioner prior to using any vitamin or other food supplements. We also wish to emphasize the classical Greek  adage of “Πάν Μέτρον Αριστον” (freely translated as: Everything in moderation) and avoid any excessive consumption of Vitamins or any type of supplements. By purchasing any of the advertised products you assume the full responsibility as to the suitability and fitness of the purpose for which you purchase them. 

In case the Seller is unable to deliver all or part of an order, the Seller's sole liability is the refund of the amount received which is equal to the value of the part of the order that has not been shipped to the Buyer.