About us

We constantly seek new ways to help our customers manage their health.

At Vitpharmacy, we pride ourselves on being there for, not just your needs, but also those of your household. Therefore, if you're managing the well-being of your partner, children or elder relative - you've come to the right place.

We know that for some, online shopping for your healthcare may not be something you've considered before, so you'll need to know more about us!

Because we operate exclusively online, you'll get more choice than your average High Street pharmacy and as we're open all hours, you'll never experience a “Closed” door sign or waste a lunch break waiting at the end of a long queue.

Our team

Vitpharmacy.com is managed by professionals with a combined experienced of over fifteen years in pharmaceutical products, finance and international trading.

Seller Information

We are a Cyprus based family owned company registered under the legal name of G.A.K Chemist Direct CY LTD (VAT no.10374598F).